• Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
  • Item Level 90Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Staff
  • Two-Hand
  • Speed 2.90
  • 130 - 244 Damage
  • (64.4 damage per second)
  • +31 Stamina
    +32 Intellect
    +24 Spirit
  • Durability 145 / 145
  • Requires Level 60
  • Equip: Increases your hit rating by 16.
    Equip: Increases spell power by 150.
    Equip:Increases the critical strike rating of all party members within 30 yards by 28.
    Use: Creates a portal, teleporting group members that use it to Karazhan.
  • Sell Price: 18Gold 45Silver 58Copper

For source information, see Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian. This page is on the Mage version of Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.

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