Alliance 32 Bark for the Barleybrews!
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One of several quests available during the Brewfest event.

The Barleybrews and the Thunderbrews are Bitter Rivals.

Objectives Szerkesztés

Spread the word about Brewfest at the flags outside the bank, in the Military Ward, in the Hall of Explorers, and in the Mystic Ward.

Description Szerkesztés

We need to get the word out about the Barleybrews at Brewfest. You need to shout at the flags outside the bank, in the Military Ward, in the Hall of Explorers and in the Mystic Ward. I'll make things easy though, I'll lend you some racing ram reins and a racing ram for 4 minutes. Use the reins to let him go, but try not to tire him out.


You will receive: 16px [Brewfest Prize Token] (15)

Progress Szerkesztés

Have you finished spreading the word about Brewfest? But more importantly, did you let people know about the Barleybrews?

Completion Szerkesztés

Well done! That kinda shouting is sure to bring business our way.

And we promised you a reward, here it is. The Barleybrew's keep their word.

Oh, and come back any other day if you want to help spread the good name of Barleybrew.

Notes Szerkesztés

Your ram will last 4 minutes. See the Brewfest page for tips on getting the most out of your racing ram. The simplest way to complete this quest in the alloted time, if you have a mount of your own, is to dispell your racing ram buff once your four locations are completed, then ride your own mount back to the camp.

You will shout an advertising slogan (chosen at random) at each point:

  • Barleybrew brew! Won't fill you up, won't kill you... The Thunderbrews can't say the same.
  • Check out the 3-B entertainment! Brewfest's Barleybrew Brewmasters!
  • Barleybrew will treat you right! Check out the Barleybrews at Brewfest!
  • Barleybrew, finest brewery in Azeroth! Check them out at Brewfest!

While this is a daily quest, you may do either this quest, or Bark for the Thunderbrews! but not both.

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