Szövetség Call to Arms: Arathi Basin
70 (legalább 20)
6550 (or 7g 59sat level 80)
up to +419 Honor Points
11g 99s at level 80
Lásd még

One of the daily battleground PvP quests for money and bonus   Honor Pointshonor points. See Event calendar on the official site for which battleground has the daily PvP quest.

Objective Szerkesztés

Win an Arathi Basin battleground match and return to an Alliance Brigadier General at any Alliance capital city or Shattrath.

Description Szerkesztés

The reality of fighting on multiple fronts, <lad/lass>, is that we cannot spread our forces too thin or we risk losing it all!

Critical troop deployments are necessary on a day by day basis. Today it is the battle of Arathi Basin that demands immediate reinforcements.

Return to me with news of victory, <name>. We cannot allow the Horde scum to secure the resources that are rightfully ours!

Rewards Szerkesztés

You will receive: 4g 40s

Completion Szerkesztés

Excellent news, <class>! If our tactical deployments continue to be this successful, the Horde will be in full retreat before long.

Gains Szerkesztés

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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