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Általános információk a patchrőlSzerkesztés

Patch 6.0.2 a pre-expansion patch a World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor kiegészítő számára. A patch a Public Test Realmen először 2014. September 9-én jelent meg, majd Live verzióba 2014. Október 14-én került.

Utolsó patch notes update: 2014-10-13

Angol nyelvű bevezetőSzerkesztés

The Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands has turned blood red. Hundreds of strange-looking orcs are violently pouring into Azeroth, killing everything that stands in their path. Nethergarde and Okril’lon have already fallen, and while the Horde and the Alliance moved as quickly as they could to get reinforcements to their people, they are too late. The Iron Horde invasion has begun.

In this desperate hour, King Wrynn and Warchief Vol’jin have called upon their greatest champions to join the front lines in the Blasted Lands and do whatever they can to stop the Iron Horde...before the rest of Azeroth falls before them.

Prepare yourself. Draenor is waiting.

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