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Quartermaster Endarin is a level 70 Aldor faction rewards vendor located in the northwestern Shattrath City bank. He is affiliated with the Aldor.

See List of Shattrath City NPCs.

Items soldSzerkesztés

Quartermaster Endarin
<Aldor Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly [Design: Gleaming Golden Draenite] 5g Jewelcrafting (305)
[Pattern: Flameheart Bracers] 6g Tailoring (350)
[Plans: Flamebane Bracers] 6g Blacksmithing (350)
Honored [Anchorite's Robes] 17g 95s 94c Cloth Chest
[Design: Royal Shadow Draenite] 5g Jewelcrafting (305)
[Pattern: Blastguard Belt] 5g Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Flameheart Gloves] 6g Tailoring (360)
[Pattern: Flamescale Belt] 6g Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Silver Spellthread] 6g Tailoring (355)
[Plans: Flamebane Gloves] 6g Blacksmithing (360)
Revered [Auchenai Staff] 56g 32s 67c Staff
[Design: Pendant of Shadow's End] 12g Jewelcrafting (360)
[Lightwarden's Band] 2g 84s 10c Finger
[Pattern: Blastguard Boots] 8g Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Flamescale Boots] 8g Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Vindicator's Armor Kit] 5g Leatherworking (325)
[Plans: Flamebane Breastplate] 8g Blacksmithing (365)
[Vindicator's Hauberk] 56g 93s 15c Plate Chest
Exalted [Aldor Tabard] 1g Tabard
[Pattern: Blastguard Pants] 8g Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Flameheart Vest] 8g Tailoring (370)
[Pattern: Flamescale Leggings] 8g Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Golden Spellthread] 36g Tailoring (375)
[Plans: Flamebane Helm] 8g Blacksmithing (355)
[Medallion of the Lightbearer] 79g 1s 12c Neck
[Vindicator's Brand] 207g 27s 20c One-Hand Sword

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