Talasszi a Félelfekek, a Félvérelfek, a Vérelfek, a Nemes elfek nyelve.

Thalassian szavakSzerkesztés

  • Al diel shala = Safe travels.[1]
  • Anar'alah = "By the light"[2]
  • Anar'alah belore = By the light of the sun.[1]
  • Anaria shola = Speak your business.[1]
  • Anar'endal dracon = By the breath of the dragon.[3][4]
  • Ann'da = Papa[5]
  • Anu belore dela'na = The sun guides us.[1]
  • Bal'a dash, malanore = Greetings, traveler.[1]
  • Ban'dinoriel = "Gatekeeper"[6]
  • Band'or shorel'aran — (Roughly) "Prepare to say farewell", spoken by Commander Sarannis, officially translated in the Chinese version of WoW.
  • Bash'a no falor talah! = Taste the chill of true death!,[1] Sylvanas Windrunner (WC3)
  • Belore = "The sun", though can mean to uncover something hidden or unknown if used in Darnassian.[2]
  • Doral ana'diel? = How fare you?[1]
  • Felo'melorn = "Flamestrike"[7]
  • Minn'da = Mama[5]
  • Selama ashal'anore = Justice for our people.[1]
  • Shindu fallah na! = They're breaking through!.[1]
  • Shorel'aran = Farewell.[1]
  • Sin'dorei = Children of the blood. This could also be interpreted as "people of the bloodline", referring to the continuation of the line of the Highborne.[1]
  • Sinu a'manore = Well met.[1]
  • Sunstrider = "he who walks the day"[1]
  • Vendel'o eranu = "Help me forget".[14][15]

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